Gaganyaan Advisory Council
Fig: Gaganyaan Advisory Council

Gaganyaan Advisory Council

Gaganyaan Advisory Council: A council of several members has been created as advisory members or diligence to the gaganyaan mission, These members can not only capable to instruct the module also will take a major role while designing of the spacecraft.

Council Members

Below are the authentic and genuine members who are the decision-maker or the primary authority to the advisory council for gaganyaan.

  • Secretaries of Department of Space
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Department of Defence Research and Development
  • Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Principal Scientific Advisor to PM
  • Senior Officials from Armed Forces
  • Indian Coast Guard
  • Former Chairman of ISRO
  • Member of Space Commission
  • Aeronautical Development Agency
  • Former Indian Astronaut

Gaganyaan Advisory

As of now many decision has been taken and some are already implemented and some are still in the pending stage as the unit was not yet ready so, to release the gaganyaan module ISRO must follow these rules taken by the advisory council these are:

  • The Mission will be went through the ISRO’s GSLV Mk III vehicle.
  • The Crewed Mission supposed to lunch on December ,2021.
  • Before the crewed mission 2 uncrewed mission must be taken.
  • The spacecraft should carry a minimum of three crews onboard.
  • It should be called Indian Human Spaceflight Programme.
  • The orbital module should consists of two modules known as service module and crew module.
  • Launcher Must uses two S200 solid rocket boosters for the maximum thrust to liftup the gaganyaan.

Programme details

Earlier K Shivam the chairman of ISRO said that 4 persons have been selected for the gaganyaan mission who all belongs to the IAF pilots, Also he added that they all undergone a medical test conducted by IAF Bengaluru and thereafter they will be sent abroad to experience all the necessary actions required for the module to trained them.

Among 4 pilots 3 of them will be sent to the space orbit by the gaganyaan to evaluate the micro-gravity and bio-science. The spacecraft is also capable to carry the required amount of oxygen and other things essential to survive in space for 7days.

This will let India become the 4th successful country to send human spacecraft to the space orbit. Thereafter one more mission namely chandrayaan is on the queue you can also find the difference between gaganyaan and chandrayaan.