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There are 4 Gaganyaan Astronauts Names that have been chosen for the manned space mission of gaganyaan, ISRO chairman said earlier. They have also undergone advanced training in Russia from Jan for the next space mission. Primary training was done in India but for the advanced level they were sent abroad.

Astronauts Names

IAF shortlisted 12 brilliant pilots for the purpose of the mission but out of them 7 got sent to Russia for the training. Earlier isro had opened its door for female astronauts for the gaganyaan mission but they took 4 male astronauts for the same which was clarified by isro itself. Those four names are classified below:

Astronaut’s NameGenderAgencies
1. Nikhil RathMaleIAF Pilot(Commander)
2. Second Name Not Revealed Male IAF Pilot
3. Third Name Not Revealed Male
4. Fourth Name Not Disclose Male
IAF– Indian Air Force

1. Nikhil Rath Astronaut’s Details

Nikhil Rath got selected for gaganyaan mission by the indian space agencies ISRO and IAF. Who has completed their training at Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, Russia for the crew actions on the purpose of landing the module.

Full Name Nikhil Rath
State FromOdisha

Manned Mission

In order to build a human space station in space gaganyaan was introduced which will be going through several tests like unmanned and manned mission, among them manned mission is important since it carries real human inside the spacecraft GSLV Mk iii launcher to prove the human presence possible at zero gravity. This mission was scheduled to 2021 December or by 2022 as announced by The prime Minister

Astronauts Test

Before they deploy into the space mission they undergo certain tests if they are fit for the same, but it may vary for different space agencies but for normal it must include these physical tests with proper space suit:

  • Height Must be Within 62 to 75 inch
  • Blood Pressure(BP) must be within 140/90
  • DVA(Distance Visual Acuity) must be corrected to 20/20

Astronauts Training

Astronauts Training comprises several processes to examine the eligibility of the person like physical and medical tests along with EVA, procedures and the experiments they are going to perform during their mission. To ensure the astronauts are qualified for the respective mission that’s why they let them familiar the experience towards the space mission with the engineering system, This training consists of several realistic with a period of 2 years which they would face during their space journey.

These includes:

  • Propulsion
  • Launch & Landing
  • Thermal Control
  • LSS(Life Support System)
  • Orbital Mechanism
  • Orbit Operation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Scientific Experiments
  • Earth Observation
  • Payload Deployment
  • Astronomy
  • Space Physiology
  • Medicine

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Above are the Gaganyaan Astronauts Names news which are listed for the upcoming mission if any changes will occur we will update the same here. Get some more stuff about gaganyaan by looking into the current affairs.