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Cabinet News:

Gaganyaan Current Affairs: Union minister Jitendra Singh recently declared that the first gaganyaan manned mission will be launched in between 2022-2023 post two successful unmanned missions since it has lots significance.

ISRO News:

ISRO currently shortlisted 4 astronauts for the gaganyaan mission after multiple tests performed by India and Russia. These 4 astronauts are basically from the Indian Airforce and currently undergo training in Russia.

ISRO said It will start its first unmanned mission in the first of 2022 by the help of pyometra humanoid robot to achieve the experiments in lower earth orbit. This will also assure isro about the life possibility for 7 days.

ISRO has signed several MOU with Russia and IAF to build a route map from the selection to training of the future Vyomnauts for the Gaganyaan mission.


  • India can become he 4th nation to send a man to the space after USA,China and Russia.
  • This will improve our industrial growth.
  • Also help to increase the international collaboration.
  • Technology enhancement.
  • Creates new employment.

Astronaut Challanges

The mission is quite challenging because even if ISRO is taking care of its still its challenging why because for the first time the country is sending humans to its space for the period of 7days and to bring back safely after that is not a easy task, Despite of the utmost care During the mission the astronauts may face several challenges during their journey like

  • Environmental Hazards
  • Micro Gravity
  • Presssure issue
  • Radiation Exposure
  • Isolation
  • Sensory System
  • Physiologicaal and Metabolic requirment
  • Life Support System
  • Artificial Atmosphere
  • Launch Escape System
  • Recovery
  • Space Suit
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