Gaganyaan Mission Details
Fig: Gaganyaan Mission Details

Gaganyaan Mission Details: To make India’s 75th anniversary 2022 more special ISRO, HAL, and DRDO try their best to lunch the Gaganyaan in due time for the success of the mission, All the best scientists of India have put forwarded and worked together hardly to achieve such a big success.

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has declared about the mission brief this present year on the occasion of independence day, He said now this mission will take some of the crews to the space and will come back safely post completion of the required research. Looking for te mission details in hindi then also you can keep an eye on gaganyaan mission in hindi article.

This will become a great achievement for India if the mission gets successful, So now everyone is waiting for such a glorious day on which every Indian should feel something special as the significance of the mission are lots more.


For the first time gaganyaan was introduced in 2006 and pronounced as “Orbital Vehicle” at that time the goal is to design a capsule with the persistence of one week at orbit. After 2 years in 2008 the final project was designed and approached to the Govt of India for funding.

Later on 2009 some minimal funds got suctioned due to the lack of full political support for limited development that’s why the reason again the uncrewed vehicle mission was shifted to 2016 although it was supposed to happen on 2013, Due to to the shortfall of the fund and to obtain the ISRO priority list it was revised.

Thereafter in August 2013, it was announced that the project got off on ISRO priority lists then again in earlier 2014 the project was reconsidered and by the govt it was proposed on August 15, 2018 to restart the mission.

What is Gaganyaan

Gaganyaan is a lightweight heavy-lift launch low earth orbit(LEO) Indian spacecraft that has the capacity to carry three people to the source orbit safely and to perform a set of experiments that are predefined.

The word Gaganyaan came from the Indian Sanskrit word “Gagan Yana” which means Sky Craft.

This spacecraft is under construction stage and keeps growing as per govt order to demonstrate the efficiency of the country towards human space flight mission to LEO.

Gaganyaan Mission

The main motto behind the gaganyaan mission is to showcase the India capacity by onboarding 3 scientists to the lower earth orbit for the execution of some research or test and bring them back safely to the source place on the earth.

This program consists of two types of missions officially these are

1. Two uncrewed Missions/Unmanned Mission

Two Unmanned Mission are framed In order to check the safety and security of this mission without the real people which will be heavily instrumented and automated to verify the reliability of the program before crewed. In this mission Gaganyaan Vyommitra Robot will be used to execute the mission.

2. One Crewed Mission/Manned mission

The crewed mission will take place post successful completion of the uncrewed mission, As this mission involves real people with the space suit so govt is taking necessary precautions like two unmanned missions to achieve safety first.

Cost of Gaganyaan

The total cost of the gaganyaan mission is around  ₹9023.00 crores , Apart from this according to the source govt has sanctioned 10K crores for these three manned missions,

Technologies Involves in Gaganyaan Mission

There are 5 quite exciting technologies get involved in this mission these are following as follows:

  • HRLV(Human Rated Launch Vehicle)
  • CES(Crew Escape Systems)
  • HOM(Habitable Orbital Module)
  • LSS(Life support System)
  • CSATAACMA(Crew Selection And Training And Associated Crew Management Activities)

Gaganyaan Configuration Details

ApplicationCrewed Orbital Vehicle
Spacecraft TypeCrewed
Budget ₹9023 Crore
Crew Capacity3
VehicleGSLV Mk III
RegimeLow Earth Orbit
Volume8 m3 
PowerPhotovoltaic array
Uncrewed Launch DateJune 2022
Crewed Launch Date 2023
Ground StationCocos (Keeling) Islands
StatusIn Development

Gaganyaan Experiments

Even if govt has the certain ambition to design this gaganyaan mission also there is an ISRO experiment inside this during the mission time, Isro will perform a total of 6 microgravity experiments during this journey which relates to 2 physical and 4 biological science.

Gaganyaan Module

It consists of two different modules one is a crew module and another one is a service module collectively called an orbital module.

the crew module is basically designed to carry three astronauts to orbit whereas the service module is powered by a liquid propelled engine to orbital rising. If you are a upsc aspirants then you can keep an eye on gaganyaan mission upsc.

Collaboration With ISRO for Gaganyaan

List of agencies hook up with isro to achieve the upcoming mission known as gaganyaan, These are following as follows.

  1. DRDO- Defence Research Development organisation
  2. IAF-Indian Armed Forces
  3. IMA-Indian Maritime Agencies
  4. IMD-Indian Meteorological Department
  5. AI-Academic Institutes
  6. IP-Industry Partners
  7. CSIR-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Gaganyaan Mission Outcome

The success of the gaganyaan mission can fulfill India’s dreams like to set up one space station and will perform several experiments on space to raise the country flag proudly.

And this will also lead to India becoming the 4th country to send humans to space apart from the United States, China and Russia. If you want you can also see our gaganyaan current affair section for your reference.

Mission Stages

Below are the stages that will involve in the mission which has been proposed by Gaganyaan Advisory Council, The spacecraft journey from the lifting of the earth to splashdown to the earth after staying 7days in the orbit.

  • GSLV MK III Lift Off From Earth
  • Orbit Module
  • Solar Array Deployment
  • Re-Orientation
  • Deboost
  • Separation of Service Module & Crew Module
  • Aerobraking
  • Parachute Deployment
  • Spalsdown at Arabean Sea Gujrat