Gaganyaan Mission UPSC
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Gaganyaan Mission UPSC: Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that India’s first manned mission gaganyaan will be launched by 2022 on the 75th independence day of India, But it was delayed due to the imposed lockdown and extended to 2023.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh declared that India’s first manned mission will be conducted post successful testing of un-manned mission which will be going by this December 2021 or in the year 2022.

Key Notes

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Brief Details

Need to remember these points which are very important for the upcoming UPSC exam point of view about gaganyaan.

  • First time it was declared by by the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi in 2018.
  • Jitendra Sigh minister of Science & technology also said that the crewed mission will be conducted post uncrewed mission which will be executed by 2023.
  • To test the module first 2 un-crewed misson will take place before the final crewed mission.
  • Gaganyaan mission is designed and developed by HAL,ISRO,DRDO and will operate by ISRO only.
  • ISRO declared that why its called as crewed because it will carry three astronauts to the space .
  • Last time it was informed that it will carry both male and female to equal chance for the gaganyaan space mission but later isro said they choosed male only.
  • The mission will be go through in 7days process around altitude 300-400KM from the earth.
  • The destination for the mission is Low earth orbit.
  • In this program few experiments will be conducted relates to micro-gravity.
  • It is under the surveillance of Indian Human Space Flight program.
  • It will lift off from sriharikata,bangalore and will land at Arabian sea, Gujrat.
  • The Total Expenditure to this program is almost 10Crore which has been suctioned by the cabinet.


As prerequisites, several tests have been conducted to achieve the gaganyaan missions these are.

  • Re Entry Test: which has been conducted on 18th december 2014 in the regime of sub orbital.
  • Air Drop test: The parachute system test to recover the Orbiting Space Capsule.
  • Pad Abort Test: This 4 minutes test was also conducted successfully on 5th July 2018, This is called as the gaganyaan launch abort system test demonstartion.So In Emergency crews can abort the mission.


it will be carried out by the rocket GSLV MK III which is a three stage heavy lift launch vehicle to lift off the gaganyaan due to its required payload as it consists of few modules to carry humans or robots.


There are two types of payload that will be used one is the Service module and another one is the crew module.

Service Module: It will deal with the two liquid propellant engines.

Crew Module: It deals with the Human.


ISRO declared and signed one bond to the govt of Russia owned Glavkosmos to train the selected candidates which includes selections, fitness, medical and training in June 2019.

  • They will trained to operate Soyuz, the manned spacecraft of russia.
  • Also learn about Il-76MDK plane who is involves in space tourist.
  • To Trained the


India will undergo a total of 3 missions to launch the final gaganyaan orbital module.

Gaganyaan 1Uncrewed Mission2022
Gaganyaan 2 Uncrewed Mission 2023
Gaganyaan 3 Crewed Mission 2023

Benefits of Gaganyaan Mission Upsc

There are lots of advantages are there for the gaganyaan mission, which will come out if it got successful in its journey.

  • India will be the 4th nation to send human to the space after US, Russia and china.
  • If the mission is successful, in future india can tour its people to the space or can think of space tourist.
  • India can think of its own space station in the space.
  • Crewed mission success is the biggest credibility for india as it is the first human mission to the space.
  • Will help to enhance our Science & technology.
  • Some how it will help the industrial growth and international collaboration.

Upcoming Mission

There are two more upcoming missions are on the queue, Which will be executed in the following year.

  • Chandrayaan 3 : It is the new moon mission to explore more about moon.
  • Sukrayaan: To discover venus, ISRO is plaaning to launch its new spacecraft called sukrayaan.

Hope this will clear many doubts arising by the upsc aspirants to crack their interviews as all the above mentioned details belongs to the gaganyaan current affairs.