Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System
Fig by ISRO: Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System


  • What is GSMPS
  • What is SDM
  • Functionality

What is GSMPS?

The full form of GSMPS is Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System which is known as the service module of gaganyaan orbital module. This service module is responsible to carry two liquid propellant engines just connected below to the crew module.’

The SM propulsion system consists of unified bipropellant systems which has five 440N thrust engines and 16th numbers of 100N RCS Thrusters with MON3 as an oxidizer and NMH as fuel.

What is SDM?

SDM is called the System Demonstartion Model of gaganyaan service module propulsion system. The first hot test was conducted on 28th August 2021 at IPRC, Mahedragiri, Tamil Nadu with a duration of 450 seconds. The outcome of the test quite similar to the test prediction discovered earlier by isro.

Also in upcoming month several test are planned to predict the gaganyaan mission conditions which was added by ISRO. It consists of 440N & 100N thrust engines with a no of 5 and 8 respectively. It impacts a lot as it has much significance


Service module functionality is quite simple since it contains 2 propellant engines to provide the thrust to the gaganyaan module. During the take off and take down journey. The best thing is that it is present just below the crew module where the crews are there, Even if the service module is touches to the crew module it does not feel hot to them that is the special function to the SM.

NameService Module Propulsion System
Mission Gaganyaan Program