Gaganyaan Space Suit
Fig: Space Suit Gaganyaan Isro

Gaganyaan Space Suit is designed to survive in space with an adequate amount of oxygen and other need to live in. Whenever someone travels to space they must wear this why because in space there is zero gravity and deficiency of oxygen even due to darkness also it’s quite difficult to accomplish the gaganyaan mission without the experienced effort.

Whenever there is a mission all the astronauts who are ready to go they all ready with the space suite to take the journey forward. For gaganyaan Russia has signed the bond with India to take care of such a suit.

Russian research and development enterprise Zvezda has started the manufacturing of the gaganyaan suit which will be going to used in gaganyaan manned mission even the spacecraft(GSLV MK III) equipment also are in the production stage.

Cost60 Crore/Suit
TargetLower Earth Orbit
NameSpace Suit
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Why Space Suit Needed?

If the Price bothers you simply think about the climate in which a space traveler needs to work. There is no barometrical strain and no oxygen to support life out there. The spacesuit is his main safeguard against the unfriendly components that he experiences.

An individual not stowing away inside this case in space will have his organic liquids “bubbling” and afterward freezing in practically no time. That, as such, implies a practically immediate demise.

Without the world’s air to channel the daylight, the side of the suit pointing toward the sun can stew at a temperature of 120 degrees C while the opposite side presented to the obscurity of profound space could be at short 100 degrees. That is far more regrettable than half of you being in the Sahara desert around early afternoon in the mid year and the other half being on Mt Everest at 12 PM in winter.

Space Suit Configuration

There are various things which you must know since the cost is around 12 million so its not a joke every parts have its own effect towards space in order to save the life of the astronaut. Here are the few parts are listed below for the pressure suit and helmet.

  • Heated Sun Visor
  • Helmetcontains earphones and microphone
  • Oxygen Supply Hose
  • Chest Pack-System Include GPS & IMU velocity and orientation sensor
  • Mantain Parachute Handle
  • Emergency reserve parachute handle
  • Pressure control system
  • Altimeter(Attitude Gauge)
  • Parachute cuteway handle
  • Pressure control system
  • Mirror to check parachute deployment
  • Capsule oxygen connector
  • Stabilizing drogue activation button
  • HD camera on each leg

And the suit is specially designed as a four architectural structure which has many benefits and saves the person from many unwanted hazards or unfair conditions of outer space even it can prevent the thermal condition due to the insulating layer. These four layers consist of the below layers.

  1. Comfort Layer
  2. Gas Membrane
  3. Restraining Mesh
  4. Fire Retardant/Thermal insulating layer

Also you find More details in hindi about the gaganyaan mission which has the details in hindi.