Gaganyaan Vyommitra Robot
fig: vyommitra robot source wikipedia

Gaganyaan Vyommitra Robot: The space faring humanoid robot Vyommitra was launched on 22nd January 2020 by indian space research organisation at Banglore’s Spaceflight and Exploration symposium which will be going to use in gaganyaan mission.

Created On2020
TypeHUmanoid Robot


Vyommitra comes from two words one is Vyom which means Space and Mitra mean friend, So it full meaning of vyommitra is Space Friend specially designed for gaganyaan uncrewed mission.


The Vyommitra a female looking humanoid robot is developed by the Indian space research organization (isro) in 2020, The purpose of the robot to fulfill the crew deficiency for unmanned gaganyaan spaceflight mission as advised by advisory council. This robot will be sent to the lower earth orbit to perform a few experiments.


To conduct several experiments during the first gaganyaan un-crewed mission which will be supposed to happen in 2022 using GSLV Mk iii launcher. This is a replacement to the animal and the main advantage is that since this is a humanoid robot it can able speak Hindi and English also can be capable to do multiple tasks as per the command received from the command center.

Why Vyommitra Designed?

  • To accomplish the gaganyaan uncrewed mission
  • To conduction micro gavity test for gaganyaan
  • to check the survival stage of a human on LEO
  • Also to the replacement of living animal for unmanned mission of gaganyaan
  • To monitor module parametre
  • To perform multiple task during the 7days mission of gaganyaan
  • It can also mimic the human behaviour
  • To handle switch panel operation
  • To give environmental air pressure change notification
  • To operate environmental pressure
  • To check life support system

Basically the robot was designed to achieve the Indian human spaceflight program mission in hindi which is known as gaganyaan.